Plant Based Diet Climate Change – Doctors campaign for Beans Not Beefs


A group of doctors has called on the US government for a plant-based diet to combat the climate crisis.

Last week, members of the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine (PCRM), demonstrated at the National Mall.

“Beans Not Beef”

Vanita Rahman (MD), Lee Crosby (RD, LD) and Zeeshan Al, PhD led the campaign that saw experts holding signs declaring: “Beans Not Beef.”

This slogan was also displayed on the floor using bags of beans. 

All the food used during the demonstration was donated later.

According to PCRM swapping beef for beans could reduce the US’ greenhouse gas emissions. The study cites a study showing that plant-based swaps could contribute between 46 and 74% to the US’ 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Encourage plant-based diets

PCRM petitioned recently the White House to encourage plant-based diets. This is within the 2025-2030 Dietary Guidelines For Americans. It requested a “strategic to shift subsidies for meats and dairy products to fruits and vegetables, grains and beans”.

Susan Levin MS, RD CSSD, is the Director of Nutrition Education for the Physicians Committee. She wrote to USDA, “While we are pleased that the Biden Administration has already taken some initial steps in this area… The role of diet plays in climate change is still neglected.”

“A Lancet report in 2019 stated that it is crucial to shift towards plant foods instead of animal products. This helps to promote the health and well-being of the planet.”

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