6 delicacies from the streets of Bangalore that will make you sick


Here is a glimpse of dishes that you will find, when you are on the city of Garden.


Served in the earthen pot, here the lassi is little different from what you get to taste in other places. The rich and thick layer of malai on top and a heavy dose of dry fruits at the bottom makes this lassi a sinful affair.

Avoid Lassi. Lassi is made of milk and cream. Research proves that dairy product can cause lifestyle diseases including cancer.


When you are in Bangalore, be assured that you will have all the flavours of food. Here, the saatvik samosa (without onion and garlic) will surely tempt you that is generally served either with green chutney or saatvik aloo curry.

Avoid Samosa. It is deep fried in oil that can lead to various lifestyle diseases.


Have you ever tasted moong dal kachori without the flavour of garlic and drenched in the aroma of desi ghee? If not, visit the narrow lanes of Bangalore and you will go mad over it. There is a  sweet version of kachori, which is filled with mava and dry fruits.

Avoid Kachori. It contains dairy that can cause cancer.

4 Makhan Mishri

Served as prasad in small earthen pot with a lid at the Hare Krishna temple in Bangalore, this one is considered as Balgopal’s (Lord Krishna) favourite. It contains fresh makhan (White Butter) and mishri cubes on the top.

Avoid Makhan Mishri as it contains disease causing Dairy.


With varied sizes, prices and flavours, here the peda goes through a makeover after every 50 meters. It’s considered blissful!

Avoid Peda. Contains heavily processed sugar and dairy products. Causes lifestyle diseases including diabetes.

6. Chai

Here the day begins way before you can imagine. The early morning arti and chanting is followed by pure milk masala chai in kulhad or glasses. A fresh brew of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves makes the chai of Bangalore famous.

Avoid Milk and sugar in Chai. Both are dangerous for health. If you must drink tea, drink green tea.

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