Research: Diet-based diets help prevent heart disease, strokes, and diabetes

A large UK study suggests that eating a plant-based diet can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

Several thousand British people were surveyed by a health check company to find out if eating meat or a plant-based diet had health benefits for them.

Findings of the study

According to the study, vegans had lower blood sugar readings (HbA1c) and were at a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, meat-eaters showed less non-HDL cholesterol (unhealthy) than vegetarians – meaning a decreased risk of heart disease.

Vegans also have a higher folate level in their blood than those who follow a non-vegan diet, according to the study. One of the B vitamins, folate, is necessary for red and white blood cells, as well as for converting carbohydrates into energy.

Vegans had a lower level of GGT (a marker for liver health) than omnivores.

Eating a plant-based meal

The Head of Clinical Excellence for Medichecks is Dr. Natasha Fernando.  In a statement, she said: “This 2020 study found that a plant-based diet supported the body’s ability to control blood glucose levels, which is a determinant of type 2 diabetes.”

According to a Lancet article published recently, diabetics have a 40 percent higher risk of developing COVID, a condition that can lead to death or critical-care. Science indicates that switching to a plant-based diet can reverse this.

A balanced, nutritious diet

Making a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is a priority. Almost all of the underlying conditions associated with Coronavirus risk are preventable and, in some cases, reversible.

Switch to a Plant Based Covid-19 diet.

Be Blessed by the Divine!

Dr Achyuthan Eswar