Tiffin Business Model Meets Enduring Food Safety Standards

Tiffin Business Model Meets Enduring Food Safety Standards

A recent graduate in management studies chanced upon an interesting opportunity at online tiffin service ground, which resulted in him quitting his present job and start a new career in tiffin service ground, this past April. The young graduate, who goes by the name of Mattias in the industry, was introduced to tiffins through a friend. Mattias joined the ‘Tiffin revolution’ when he took up a job as a food service manager at a popular restaurant. Within a few months, he rose from that position and was soon making his own mark in the industry.

He was not satisfied with the food served at that restaurant and hence decided to start serving tiffin services at clients’ homes. Mattias’ story is typical of many young food entrepreneurs. He started as a temp in a multinational food company. Later on, the same company assigned him to its kitchens where he was given free rein to serve their customers’ food of his own choice.

What started out as a temporary move turned out to be a turning point for Mattias. He tasted what the real deal is and thus launched his food-service operations for tiffin services. The young man’s initial experiment with tiffin services ended in tragedy. His restaurant got floods for almost every meal. He had to compromise with quality meals and thus fell into a serious debt trap.

But Mattias did not give up easily. He kept working hard on improving the quality of tiffin and launched another tiffin service called ‘Maharana Tofu’. This time, though the customers were not happy with the first launch, they appreciated the effort that Mattias had put into it. They liked the freshness and quality of the food served. That’s why Maharana Tofu quickly became a hit in Maharana Tofu’s home state of Orissa. And even moved all the way to Maryland to serve  tiffin meals with nutritious rice of the world there.

But the story does not end here. Later on, Mattias established yet another food delivery service venture called ‘Chimani Ganesha’ in Maryland and opened a branch there also similar to Uber Eats during covid19 times. Though the initial years of operation of Chimani Ganesha in Maryland were quite rocky, people came in large numbers to try the food. Even the notoriously rigid, conservative local residents started appreciating the food’s goodness. As the name suggests, Chimani Ganesha serves Indian ganzi, which is a multi-cuisine Indian meal consisting of rice, meat, vegetables, and fried cashews. So, you can actually see tiffin being served along with some North American cuisine too.

The company continues to expand its restaurant chain now having outlets in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. It also has its own franchisee tiffin service in several states including Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. Now its franchisees serve not just the Mumbai area but also franchised locations in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., and North Carolina. The company further offers its customers a tiffin service for meals like Khatta Masala, Samosas, Rice Biryani, Vada Pav, Rehendi, Pappar, and other popular Indian foods. With all these outlets, one can say that Mattias Ganesha has indeed expanded his food offering to a wider base.

Now customers and franchisees are happy that their tiffin service provider is emphasizing on food safety and serving healthy food. A tiffin service is expected to serve and deliver good food and beverages to customers. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep the food hygiene standards high in food service facilities, due to the fast movement of people. This poses a risk to the customers by not observing hygiene standards and endangering their health. Due to this reason, food safety training should be mandatory for all food handling workers.

Food safety tiffin services provide an ideal platform for franchisors to showcase their food and beverage expertise and attract discerning customers who are searching for tiffin services near me. These services have proved beneficial to both parties – the franchised outlet owners and the franchisees who wanted to promote their food cooked by their own staffs. Thus we can conclude that tiffin service is not only about extending fast food but also about enhancing the quality of service in fast food outlets and building a strong food safety culture. The franchising industry will also benefit with better, safer operations for its franchisees. This is just right for the long-term interests of the franchising industry.