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Check Out These Top Online Food Delivery Services in Bangalore and What You Can Order From Them

It’s perfect for lazy weekends, after a hard day at work, or if you just want comfort food. With lifesaving online food delivery apps, you can order a delicious meal or comfort food right at your home. We tell you about the best food delivery companies in the city, including everything from simple rajma Chawal to gourmet grills and delicious salads.

Oota Box

Do you crave home-cooked food? Oota Box has you covered. This service serves as a middleman between chefs and customers. The food is home-cooked by the people who make it. They offer a wide range of South Indian, North Indian, and Jain cuisines. However, they can also accommodate special requests if a chef has the recipe. If you’re sure what you want, you can either choose the subscription option or one-time delivery. Each area will have its “best dish”, but they are available in all parts of the city.

Prices are based on the order/subscription

Not healthy. They are focused on food delivery. They can deliver any food they have gathered from home cooks.

Delicious! Beverages

These guys are launching cold coffees (made with the cold brew method) and milkshakes. They have a variety of classic and flavoured beverages that will cool you down. You must try their Coffiato Classic or Coffiato Hazelnut, which are available in combos and pairs. You can also order periodic deliveries of smoothies, energy drinks, oat smoothies, and yoghurt shakes.

Prices starting at INR 100

Coffee addiction is a serious problem, especially if it has sugar and milk.


You can skip the expensive mains (even though they serve two to three people), and instead opt for their full-meal salads. These range from simple Greek or Teriyaki-dressed ones to the more exotic Udon Noodle Soup, which is loaded with bulgarian mushrooms, garlic, and noodles. The ‘Minis’ (think chicken wings and paper rolls) will satisfy your cravings. For those who don’t count calories, you can try Chefkraft Fried Chicken with wasabi-ketchup and potato wedges or their Bento Boxes. To get lunch before 1pm, you must order by 9am.

Prices: From INR 200 to INR 300

Meat-based products can be unhealthy. Lifestyle diseases can be caused by oil and processed foods.



These guys focus on international cuisine, shifting from the ghar–ka-khana to include everything from Chinese-inspired combos, steaks, and crepes to vegetarian options, complete with an eggless dessert. They offer Mexican, Continental, Asian, and Mexican cuisines. The good news is that they deliver almost everywhere. They deliver almost everywhere. Literally, all the way to the boondocks! We’re not as passionate about the product as we once were, but we do enjoy it.

Prices: From INR 150 to INR 150

Masala Box

This app brings together the chefs of the kitchens under one roof. It delivers delicious food straight from the heart to your hearth. They are dependent on home-chefs to ensure that they can offer the best food. They’re available for you to make minestrone soup or butter chicken with makhani partha, or Szechuan-fried rice with garlic poultry. They come in microwaveable containers, which are eco-friendly and can be eaten at your desk. The most popular here is Kerala cuisine.

Prices: From INR 300 to INR 300

There is no health focus.

Ready Bowl

Ready Bowl is the place to go if you like meat and biryani. They have everything you need, from Mutton Peppery Fry to Boneless Apollo Fish. If you like spicy food, try their Chettinad Chicken and Chicken 65. You can also try their Paneer Butter Masala or Baby Corn Manchurian, which are both vegetarian options. They even deliver bulk orders (by the kilo), which is great for team lunches.

Prices starting at INR 200

Focus on processed meat-based products. It is dangerous for your health.


PurpleBasil is the right choice for those who want to eat healthier or set fitness goals. They offer a variety of Asian, Mexican, and Modern Indian cuisines, as well as the added benefit that they are healthy. They replace unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones and know that the secret to a healthy menu is the dressing and flavoring. Aglo Olio pasta or any of the salads and Satay options are winners. You can also choose from a variety of course meals and subscribe to a subscription plan that suits your needs.

Prices: From INR 200 to INR 300

More healthy than other food delivery services. However, they are not only focused on whole food plant-based products.


Sushimen is a delivery-only platform that delivers sushi! This is a great place to order authentic sushi if you don’t have the time or desire to travel to a restaurant that offers it. Their salmon maki and crabstick sushi are a favorite. The soy is a great way to tie all of the elements together and comes in a pretty pot. You can also choose from vegetarian or vegan options, which is great for treating yourself.

Prices: From INR 200 to INR 300

Many items are not made from plants. Many items contain seafood, which is unhealthy.

The Bowl Company

Bangalore, Koramangala

Unhealthy meat products

You can find comfort food from around the world in small bowls that don’t get cluttered on your desk. It sounds perfect, right? The Bowl Company is the perfect example of this. They also offer delicious options from the Orient, such as rustic pastas or elaborate Texas BBQ Chicken. You can also try butter chicken and prawn curry.

Prices starting at INR 180


Unhealthy processed foods

Box8 is another food delivery company that delivers Indian food, wraps and sandwiches. The delivery time is promised to be within 38 minutes of your delivery area. Box8 is great for a quick lunch at work or for a quick fix. You can call them for a midnight snack or delivery.

Prices: From INR 150 to INR 150

ITC Hotels

ITC Windsor Vasanth Nagar in Bangalore

Unhealthy processed foods

You can indulge in biryani or pulao at The Biryani & Pulao collection by ITC Hotels. Cloud Kitchen by ITC Hotels has two locations around the city that can cater to your dietary needs. You can also place orders for pulao or biryani, such as Chemmen Pulao (Konaseema Kodi Pulao), and Gosht Bohri Biryani. Swiggy allows you to find ITC Hotels in its restaurant delivery service.

Sampoorna Ahara

Order food online

India’s first plant-based whole food kitchen. It delivers

Plant-based Tiffin Service

Healthy Cakes & Cookies

Sourdough Breads

Healthy Snacks

Sugar-free Desserts & Sweets

Plant-based Condiments

Healthy Breakfast jars

Under the guidance of Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, a lifestlye physician, all food items are meticulously prepared. Dr. Michael Gregar, Nutrition Facts mentors him. These items meet the Daily Dozen Checklist. Sampoorna Ahara provides a free ebook with over 100 Indian-based whole food recipes for instant download.